Adial Electronic meets your problems providing refrigerators repair in Targu Mures for both refrigerators under warranty and for those in post-warranty. The main problems that occur and requires refrigerator repair service are:

– Charge Freon (refrigerant)
– Replacement of the compressor (motor)
– Replacement of the filter drier
– Replacement of the starter relay
– Replacement of the thermal relay
– Replacement of the thermostat
– Replacement of Fan
– Replacement of evaporator or condenser
– Replacement of the capillary
– Repair, solenoid replacement
– Repair, PCB replacement
– Repair, electronic display replacement
– Cooled condenser cleaning
– Installation valve service
– Etc..

We provide warranty on replaced parts, and on the range of Targu Mures we take over defective refrigerators for fee (25 USD). For more details please contact us on email: or at the number 0265.211.002.