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How do you make an appointment

  • 1Appointments Page
    First of all you have to visit the APPOINTMENTS page. Click here to visit this page now.
  • 2Choose The Service You Need
    After accessing the APPOINTMENTS page, the first thing you have to do is to pick the service you need. Verify the availability by clicking the button.
  • 3Choose The Repair Team
    Now you can choose the team that will handle the repair. Don't forget to check the availability bu clicking the button.
  • 4Choose Date and Time of the Appointment
    In this step you can choose an available date and time from the calendar. The available days and hours are marked with GREEN; the days and hours that are NOT available are marked with RED. After choosing a valid date click on the prefered hour in order to choose the time of the apointment.
  • 5Check Appointment Details
    After checking your appointment details you will have to enter the requested details (name, email, phone etc.) and push the large button in order to confirm the appointment.
  • 6Your Appointments
    After making an appointment you can access YOUR APPOINTMENTS for confirmation. You will also receive and email with the details of the appointment and also a reminder 24h before the appointment date and time.