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About Us

Founded in 1999, SC Adial Electronic Ltd aims to provide potential clients purchase quality products at the best prices. With a staff of 13 employees, Adial Electronic Ltd offers the following services:

  • Samsung Service
  • LG Service
  • Sony Service
  • Panasonic Service
  • Philips Service
  • Moulinex Krups Rowenta Service
  • Saeco Service
  • Mobile Repair
  • Refrigerators Repair
  • IT Service
  • Tablets Service
  • Air conditioners
    • Air conditioning design
    • Air conditioning installation
    • Air conditioning maintenance
    • Air conditioning sales
    • Air conditioning service
  • Electronics Service
  • Appliances Service
  • Washing Machine Service
  • Electronics Parts
  • Appliances Parts
  • Remote Controls
  • Installation of satellite reception Focus Sat

You can send faulty goods by mail or courier, and on the radius of Targu-Mures we provide onsite transport on charge (25 ron). Our company structure, flexibility and diversification of products and services allows continuous adaptation to market changes and demands in Romania. The ratio between quality and price of products and services provided by us, is the best on the market, and your satisfaction is our priority. At Adial Electronic Ltd. it is promoted an organizational culture with strong customer orientation as a fundamental value. For us it is important that every customer is satisfied and therefore we provide, in addition to a wide range of products and our availability for any suggestion or improvement of current supply. The main concern of the company Adial Electronic Ltd is to assist clients in finding the best solutions for purchasing our products and services. If you have questions or want more details, do not hesitate to contact us.