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IT Service

Our company provides IT services related to maintenance and repair for office equipment.
1. IT Hardware Service:
- Finding - identifying the defective component;
- Repair - replace the defective component or later after purchasing the component, testing - verification of the system (PC, PC, laptop) in the new configuration.
- Reballing northbridge, southbridge, video cards chipset
- Repairing laptops power supplies, desktops sources

Service IT
2. IT Software Service :
- Installation - Installation and configuration of operating systems (Windows, Linux), software etc.
- Virus removal- scan infected systems, debugging and ensuring the security of the system;
- Optimization - checking system in the new configuration.
- Checking services running on startup
- Stop not operating system services  (other than the manufacturer of the operating system developer)
- Stopping the operating system services that are not required by the user
- Checking running processes (how much computer memory handle)
- Verification of the computers virtual memory
- Verification of the shared folders and the access security to shared resources
- System update patches

* The customer is responsible for keeping backups (backups) of software or personal datas, websites, databases, etc..
Electronic Adial is not responsible for any loss or data corruption.

Service IT