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Focus Sat

Focus Sat Installation

Focus Sat la Adial Electronic

To enjoy all the TV programs you want, Focus Sat invites you to choose between:

Custody offer:
- Receive the SD receiver and antenna kit in custody for 24 months – without additional costs;
- Activation Card 70 ron* that allow you to watch Family and Mosaic packages for 2 months;
- Free Installation Service

Purchase offer:
- Buy a SD receiver, priced 319 ron*;
- Receive free antenna kit;
- Activation Card at 100 ron* that allows viewing Family and Mosaic packages for 6 months;
- Installation service is optional – 124 ron*.
HD offer:
- Purchase a HD TV through the authorized dealers Focus Sat;
- Pay the equivalent antenna kit 79 ron*;
- Activation Card 80 ron* allows viewing Family, Mosaic and HD package for 2 months;
- Installation service is optional – 124 ron*.
* Prices include VAT
Regardless of the chosen offer, besides the months included in the activation card, you will receive free Family, Mosaic, Cinema and Sport packages for 30 days from the moment of the connection.

- Installation Time: 1-3 working days after signing the contract.
- Warranty: 2 years.

How to Become a Focus Sat Customer?
Contact us online or by telephone 0265.211002 .

Recharging the card or PIN codes:
- Contact us online at www.adial.ro or at 0265.211002.
- www.focussat.ro
- www.carteleprepaid.ro
- Installation Teams
- PayPoint and Payzone networkterminals;
- Distributors Network : Altex, Domo, Flanco, Media Galaxy, Peruvision, Rombiz.

Real-time reload:
Focus Sat recharging system is the most flexible and fastest way to manage your programming package options requested, viewing duration or monthly costs. Now you have three options to contact us for direct recharge!
1. Recharge through IVR. Interactive Media Phone allows you to automatically recharge your phone directly from your account by typing the SmartCard series and PIN. The service is available at the following numbers:
0374.122.000 (in Orange)
0372.667.200 (Vodafone)
021.303.47.40 (in Romtelecom network)

2. Recharge online on www.focussat.ro
- Do your online account;
- Choose the packages that you want to recharge and pay online;
- Activate your additional packages.
3. Recharge through your mobile phone. Send SMS directly from your dedicated mobile device to one of the following numbers:
7411 to watch family package for 1 month 5 € + VAT
7407 to watch family package for 2 months 10 € + VAT
7432 to watch the total package for 1 month 10 € + VAT
7411 to watch family packages and Mosaic for 1 month 7 € + VAT

Just send the SmartCard series in the message text.

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